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Depending on your budget and the necessary destination for the steel structure building, we can choose together the best price solution for you. We agree on all aspects of construction, from design and materials to after-sales service.


We will offer you the first quotation within 24h

Once all the parameters are established, our engineers are able to calculate a budget quotation, based on which you can decide. The quotation will be extremely close to the actual value, to eliminate unpleasant surprises.


We deliver the building on schedule

Together with our suppliers and partners in the construction of steel structure buildings, within a mutually agreed schedule, we build and deliver your building according to contract. We will coordinate together the pace of the works according to the progress on site.

About us

Since 2015, we have been part of the international Kingspan Group, a world leader in low carbon building insulation and panels.

Our story began in 1985 in the town of Zwevezele in Belgium. Joris Ide is the name of the company’s founder.
In the beginning, the company was involved in the production and sale of metal roof tiles.

Today Joris Ide is one of the largest European companies in the field.

In the meantime, Joris Ide has developed the segment of thermal insulation and solutions for industrial buildings, becoming one of the largest European companies in this field.

We have the solution for your business!

Together we choose the most convenient construction solution for you:

Office buildings



Production premises

Car service


We offer:

I. Consulting
Depending on the use and purpose of the building
II. Design
Architecture and structural design
III. Materials necessary for construction
We take into account all the necessary materials for the completion of the construction.
IV. Transport
Delivery to any customer location.
V. Assembling
Labour can be provided through our partners.

I. Consulting

Do you want to build your own business, warehouse or any other form of building? Joris Ide is here to help you!

Depending on the stage of the project, we will make research work on the following aspects: the financing method for the project, whether the land is purchased or in the process of being purchased, the shape and architecture of the construction work.

Our specialists recommend pre-feasibility and feasibility studies followed by the engineering project.

II. Design

The specialists in our team will take care of the construction design:
  • Architectural design with drawings and plans;
  • Technical structural project necessary in the technical documentation phase to obtain the building permit (RO: DTAC);
  • Technical structural project (RO: PTH):
              • Bills of materials;
              • Detailed design;
              • Verified and certified by the Ministry of Public Works and Territorial Administration (MPWTA).

III. Materials necessary for construction
1. Foundation
2. Structure
3. Enclosures

IV. Transport

We agree on the timing of delivery and the stage of execution to avoid overcrowding on site.

V. Assembling

Assembly can be carried out by teams of specialised assemblers, Joris Ide partners, but also by the beneficiary  utonomously on the basis of the delivered documents.
Joris Ide will deliver the materials, along with the assembly guide and the basic project. The Joris Ide team provides after-sales support to turn customers into partners.


We pride ourselves on a portfolio of satisfied customers. We can put you in touch with any past customer if you want to know more about their interaction with us.
Below are some of the projects we have completed in recent years. Photos are original and belong to us. If you wish, you can visit them on request, accompanied by a Joris Ide representative.
Storage premises - Ilfov County

Production premises - Ilfov County

Car service - Iași County

Production and storage premises - Călărași County

Event room - Timiș County

Storage premises - Timiș County